kitty & katarina

Lately I've been really interested in the work from both Kitty Rogers Photography and Katarina K Photography. From Kitty Rogers' shop I'd pick her teeny tiny calendars (complete with an easel, so cute), and from Katarina's shop I'd close my eyes & point to any print to pick.

2010 Teeny Tiny Calendar w/Easel (Kitty Rogers)

Little Red Coat (Katarina K)

Winter Glow (Katarina K)


Unknown said...

These are cute little calendars. I like the idea of the mini calendar for a quick glance. I was just looking at calendars yesterday on etsy and saw another mini one, but I really like the photos in Kitty's calendar.

Gracie said...

Beautiful photography. I would love to have a little calender on my desk like that one. The easel is so cute!

_ffyona said...

Oh wow, what a great cute looking calendars on easel. Way too cute!

kitty said...

Wow, thank you so much Alli! Your blog is LOVELY...I'm so happy you found me so that I could find you! ;o)

And Katarina's work is simply awe-inspiring...I'm off to check out more!


Heather said...

anything on an easel makes me happy! such cute find, alli!

Unknown said...

Just wanted to see how your show went this weekend and to tell you also, that after your post here I went to Kitty's shop and ordered some postcards since I belong to the benevolent postcard society and I just got them in the mail today. Her photography is even better in person than online and she threw in the mini calendar for January and I just love it. I will probably go back to order that as well.

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