weekend ...

Things I feel like doing this weekend (in no particular order)...

riding my bike

going out to a show or play

visiting a new place

photos via flickr: 1 elseachelsea, 2 tigerlace, 3 simply hue

Things I will be doing this weekend:
Nothing remotely close to the above.
I have a list of things to tackle. And today has been anything but productive, as I have a right eye that is quickly swelling to the size of a marshmallow (I have no idea why). So it looks like a trip to the doctor is in order... hope your weekend is better!

(Ps. I'm giving away some goods from my shop on oh, hello friend this week! Entries are open until Monday, if you'd like :)


Lisa Rupp said...

I saw your cute packaging on decor8 too! Your baby wreathes are adorable.

iva yaneva said...

I am going to the theater tomorrow, it's been over a year since I last went. Hope you get to do at least one of the things you wish for. And good luck with the eye, hope it's not serious! xo

a.love said...

it's allegra from frenchie & flea :) i really love your blog :)

_ffyona said...

Alli have a great weekend ahead! As i have been telling you, you should go for a ride in the park! Oh dear, i hope it's nothing serious about your eye, please take great care! Get well soon dear. xoxo

Pattie said...

I wish I had a bike so I could wish that I had time to ride it :)

But I hope that your eye is ok, something like that happened to my nephew but his eye actually oozed out of it's socket while he was pulling weeds, and it turned out that he is allergic to most green things and pollen :(

Heather said...

Fell better Ali! I hope you have a wonderful weekend@ (despite your bad eye!) xo-heather

kt said...

Hi Alli,
thanks for popping on over and saying hello.
Your etsy shop really is the cutest - and so is your blog :)
Hope everything was ok with your eye!!

rachel said...

sorry to hear about your eye :(

A couple years ago I woke up with mine really swollen... I think a spider must have bitten me when I was asleep because there was a tiny mark on my eyelid.

hope it's better soon!


Gracie said...

I hope you had a great weekend! They sounded like such fun. I want to get a bike I think. And a play would be lovely. Glad your eye is better (read it in your new post) x

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