monday cheer

Mondays have never been a favorite for me, so here are a few cheery things for your day...

the cutest wedding featured on Olivet

irresistible paper goods by O
live Manna, found on Fee Amore

a darling balloon adventure (complete with champagne) on bonjour!

Another happy thing: my eye is no longer a puffy marshmallow. It started bothering me Wednesday, and by Friday I gave in & went to the doctor, took what she prescribed, spent the weekend away from people (& contacts/makeup), and slept a lot...much better now.


iva yaneva said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better, dear:)

I really love the paper goods - so simple and pretty:) lovely post, thanks for sharing!

have a great day and thanks for the sweet comment on my drawing:) xo

Gracie said...

Gorgeous! I love inspiring photos of events and paper goods =) Glad your eye is better. I've had puffy eyes (well one eye infected) and it's not fun at all. x

Havilah Savage said...

lovely links and photos! and i'm glad you're feeling better too. :)

kellie said...

Lovely round-up. We should every Monday off to do just that!!

Heather said...

such inspiring photos! they would make any monday happy! so glad to hear that your eye is feeling better!

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