dear summer:

collage via my Flick faves

Please don't leave just yet. We haven't taken enough evening walks to the corner store for Jones Sodas, or trips down the street by the fountain for ice cream. And I haven't gone on enough bike rides yet, gotten that golden tan I wanted, or gone to any of the free concerts in the park like planned. I still want to go to the drive-in theater and swim in someone's pool and drink lemonade, because I love to do those things. So please Summer, just stick around a little bit longer.
from someone who hates the cold.


Dionne said...

I love this collection of images! The colors are so pretty. I love that one with the top view of the punch, and the tray with the cup of strawberries. You and I have similar taste, it seems!

Cheryl Patterson said...

Great post, great images! My thoughts exactly!

jen jafarzadeh said...

I'm totally feeling the same way. It's like summer's already over and we were just getting started. I think your blog is so lovely — fun to find you! And I just posted on your newly-opened Etsy shop — congratulations, it looks great! I love all the hand-stamped treats.

Vibeke said...

Lovely collection AND post :)

Thank you for nice words!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

The Blushing Hostess said...

Totally understand, and beautifull said!

Unknown said...

Me too. I like your collection of pictures.

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