Guest Blogging: Take One

Hello, everyone, Stacy here from, Squirrel Chatter and Confessions of a Design Junkie! I am so excited to be guest blogging for Alli - I am very honored and just a tad overwhelmed as I've never quite done something like this before!

As a fellow crafter and designer, I can spend a good deal of time lurking amongst the aisles of my local craft stores. On my latest jaunt to Hobby Lobby I stumbled upon this stationary and office set from Fiddlestix Paperie. Took everything in me not to fill my cart with letter openers, weekly planners, notepads, mini-journals, luggage tags, push pins and binder clips! Everything was so well designed it was fabulous and would give my desk at work a much needed makeover. But alas, I refrained but couldn't help but take a few pictures!

I tried to look up some information about the line of office goods online but couldn't find much beside that it won a Package Design Award from GDUSA - no surprise there!

So, if you're the market for office supplies or mini journals I definitely suggest swinging by your local Hobby Lobby and checking out this new line from Fiddlestix Paperie!


Anonymous said...

oops typo in the spelling of "stationary" the correct spelling for paper you write on is "stationery", cute design but major fail for the company not catching that error.

Anonymous said...

to above anonymous,
I don't think anyone cares,but you, about the spelling of the word "stationary" or "stationery".
Our Hobby Lobby just put this line out and it is such a great design and exactly what i've been looking for!! I don't think they will have any problem selling these items!

Colleen said...

Stacy, I JUST spent my lunch hour at Hobby Lobby where I found this awesome line. I tried googling it and your post came up. I will def. add this blog to those i follow and hope to hear if you find any other info on this company.

Oh, and I did load my cart up with the products....spent way too much!!

Megan said...

I just found these last night too! I did buy the luggage tags (from the above design line) for $1.99!!! Two in the pack - I couldn't believe the price!

I'm going to use a lot of these items to fill up a gift bag I'm putting together. It'll look so much more expensive!

Anonymous said...

I bought some last week-I bought 1 of every collection of the file folders--Awesome! But stay away from the tacks--they broke quite easily.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the spelling of stationery...I love Hobby Lobby, but they should have caught that! ;)

Lynn said...

I was at Hobby Lobby a few days ago and bought up the paisley line of paperweight, file folders, pushpins, and cards/envelopes! Also found a beautiful wire basket to put the file folders in! These were all on clearance so I didn't have to spend a fortune; however, I'd love to find more items with this pattern. Could use more file folders as well! Gorgeous line!

Wendy said...

They also spelled Fiddlesticks wrong! LOL! I also love this line! I want to go to all the Hobby Lobby stores to get more!

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