the full report

Yesterday morning was my summer dentist appointment, and afterward I had the usual little stories to tell my husband, you know, the random dinner table kind of reports.

My appointment was like a drive-thru, they were so busy! I've never had my teeth flossed so fast...
The receptionist complimented me on my shirt. Last time it was my purse. I wonder if she picks something to compliment everyone on whether she likes it or not.
They gave me a teal toothbrush. I've never actually gotten a pretty color before. And I didn't even pick it out. I told her: surprise me.
On I go. But then I remember that a week or so ago my husband had his regular check-up at the dentist, too. That night the dentist-related conversation had gone like this:
Me: How was your appointment? Did it go well? Anything happen?
Husband: Good. Need a filling next month.
Men just let the words flow.


Tiffany said...

Oh My gosh! I love it! So cute~So true!

Unknown said...

This is funny. I can relate.

NAOMI said...

Oh well! Sounds way too familiar!!! I guess we truly are like different species ;)

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