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I'm so happy that it's Friday! I plan to spend most of the weekend outdoors, cooking out, going to the farmer's market and maybe checking out the fruit market in Ann Arbor Saturday morning. Here are some of my favorite recent finds this week...

If my office could even slightly resemble Whitney's bright + cozy one, I'd be happy. Check it out

100 Layer caked shared this awesome
surprise wedding story this week - I'm sure most grooms would appreciate this (only a week of wedding planning!).

Wish I had this to camp in instead of our tiny tent (found


Jessica Marie said...

oh my.. i just read the story about the surprise wedding and loved it! thanks for sharing :D

Rachel Follett said...

Your weekend sounds lovely! Have fun!

Ivo Serenthà said...

Congratulations on your interesting blog and images, I encourage you to photoblog,

Greetings from Italy


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