spring cleaning

I've been on a spring cleaning and organizing mission this week. Yesterday I did my regular cleaning (vacuuming, mopping, dusting) and then I went through our fridge and pantry (see photo), getting rid of leftovers, combining things into jars, transferring staples from the bag to its designated container, etc. And then when my husband came home, we organized the garage: took stuff to the basement that never made it there when we moved here in January (ha!), swept like crazy, sorted old boxes, and I even rubbed the doorplate to the house with vinegar to keep bugs away (more on that later). Today I've been finishing everything else, cleaning out closets, doing laundry, organizing papers and receipts, and so on. So anyone want their house cleaned? I'm definitely in the mood.


Adam Miller said...

Hey Allison, I love your blog. It's good to hear from you- and glad you got your degree!! Congrats! I'm really starting to get into the whole blogging thing- it's pretty cool.

Kir said...

Yes, please. Come to my house. And I love taking dry goods out of their assorted bags and boxes and putting them into jars. Even if nobody looks in my cupboards, I know they look cute. And I enjoy shaking nuts or dried cherries out of a jar much better than out of a bag. :)

alli/hooray said...

Me too, I am crazy about jars!

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