food for the eyes

I'm planning some things today for my husband's return on Saturday. He's on a two-week trip right now and I am so ready for him to come home! 
By the way, I love these photos from this etsy shop. Maybe if I don't buy groceries next week I could order all these prints instead. 

(photo from yvetteinufio etsy shop)


Garnish said...

You're blog is a visual delight! Thank you for sharing such fantastic resources in a beautiful way.

Garnish & Enjoy,

- Suzanne

alli/hooray said...

Thank you, how sweet of you to stop by.

Anonymous said...

i adore that top photo! have a great weekend!

Rachel Follett said...

I love her work! Perfect for summer!

Mary from Olivet said...

Love these photos! Your blog is so adorable! Thanks for your sweet comments on Olivet!! That shop is spectacular!

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