bouncy balls in san francisco

This Bravia commercial captured 250,000 bouncy balls flying down the streets of San Francisco like confetti. The ad is set in slow motion to the song Heartbeats by Jose Gonzales, and I think I've watched it ten times already.

commercial (+ click here to see behind the scenes)

Found via Say Yes To Hoboken.


Lisa Rupp said...

that commercial was so fun!

Cassie said...

I have a real thing for adverts on TV, they really seem to stick in my mind.

That one is great fun too, I love bouncy balls.

Punctuation Mark said...

i loooove it... soo coool!!!

Krystle said...

I'm so glad you posted this. It's my favorite commercial of all time.

Anna @ IHOD said...

yes....this is unreal. so coool...I just want to watch it over and over!

Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

oh i loved this ad!! jose gonzalez is fantastic.

Ashley Lynn Fry said...

Thanks for sharing this! I had a bouncy ball collection as a kid... brings back memories. I am totally re-blogging this & I'll link to you- HOORAY!


iva yaneva said...

Oh, this is my most favourite commercial ever made! It is so wonderful that it makes me cry!
By the way, there is another one, by Soni again, where there is LOTS of foam all over the city:)
I couldn't find it with better quality but still..

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